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Sunday Telegraph 27 Mar

Just in case anyone is interested. The Sunday Telegraph have publish a feature in the Discovery supplement today for the Addu Atoll. Stuff some of you will know already, but there's a description of resorts and interesting extra's regarding Hittadu etc. The new five star resort has water villa's available at a snip - 4500 quid for 5 days! but who would want to go there if the Equator village is just across the water for much less

Re: Sunday Telegraph 27 Mar

Nobby. By all accounts, Hittadu is only just down the road these days, seems funny eh ? B.R.Tony

Re: Sunday Telegraph 27 Mar

Well, you wouldn,t want to walk it in the midday sun. But as the article says, bikes available and you can have a decent fish curry and a drink on the way in one of the cafes that have sprung up.
Curiously, the Telegraph refers to excellent snorkelling, but in the couple of visits I've made since leaving the Island, if you compare it to some of the Northern Male Atolls - it's distinctly average. Though, maybe I didn't get to visit the right places.