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RAF Gan Remembered Website - The Future

OK.. Just to kick off, I have been remiss for the past 6 weeks.. I am unfortunately not enjoying the best of health at the moment.. Cardiac and Orthorpaedic appointments in the pipline over the next few months. This combined with the Monday commute to London and the Friday return to Usk and the long shifts between are taking their toll.
Therefore I think it's time for me to hand over the reins of this site to someone with a little more time on their hands.
I can transfer the site name and can recommend the 1&1 web hosting site.
The entire contents of the site, plus programs used to create and update, plus copies of material used will fit onto a DVD. I have some GIP's that need scanning and returning to their originator.
I will try and complete what I have in the next month so if anyone is interested or require further information then please e-mail or message board me..
Thank you one and all for the support over the last 7 or 8 years and for all your contributions to enable the site to flourish..



Re: RAF Gan Remembered Website - The Future

I'm sorry to hear this Phil, so may I take this opportunity of wishing you better health for the future and thanks for all your many efforts over the years

I would like to help out the snag, is as a wrinkly, I just do not have any time to myself and it is a time consuming 'hobby' too

TonyS >>>>>>>> How about it??

Re: RAF Gan Remembered Website - The Future

Sorry to hear of the parlous state of your health Taff, I hope that there is a marked improvement to it in the very near future. It would be a great shame if the site that you have devoted so much time and effort to, were to fade away through lack of interest in someone taking it over, perhaps a bod from the 1975/6 intake might consider the challenge, since youth could well be on their side?. I wish you the very best whatever happens Kindest Regards Tony.