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Re: RAF Gan Remembered Website - The Future

I'm sorry to hear this Phil, so may I take this opportunity of wishing you better health for the future and thanks for all your many efforts over the years

I would like to help out the snag, is as a wrinkly, I just do not have any time to myself and it is a time consuming 'hobby' too

TonyS >>>>>>>> How about it??

Re: RAF Gan Remembered Website - The Future

Sorry to hear of the parlous state of your health Taff, I hope that there is a marked improvement to it in the very near future. It would be a great shame if the site that you have devoted so much time and effort to, were to fade away through lack of interest in someone taking it over, perhaps a bod from the 1975/6 intake might consider the challenge, since youth could well be on their side?. I wish you the very best whatever happens Kindest Regards Tony.