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Message Board Back Online

Sorry lads for technical hitch with Message Board..

Just a small note to 'confused'.

There is no 'Big Brother' syndrome on the message board, however it's prime purpose is for ex Gannites or Ex RAF to pass on messages, ask for information or general chit chat. I did not intend it as a tool for for the purpose of personal crusades. Since you have 'posted' or 'hijacked' every post on the forum no genuine additions have been posted.

I now have two options.

1. Bin the Discussion Board
2. Bin the Site

Re: Message Board Back Online

There is another option.


Re: Message Board Back Online

Just my thoughts on 'confused'. He is aptly named, thats for sure. Despite what he says, I doubt very much if he is ex Gan, anybody who has been there, knows what the rest of us are like about the place, and know that no individual would be allowed to have such a self inflated ego, or a low opinion of anybody else who had been there. Se, he's got 2 options really, sod off and leave the site to those of us who appreciate it, or, give his true identity, and show that he has the courage of his convictions, (which I very much doubt, but either way mate, GET A LIFE.

Re: Message Board Back Online

Oooops, looks like we've hooked another one.
How many tours did you do in Gan mate?? Get some time in.

Re: Message Board Back Online

more time than you did.

Re: Message Board Back Online

My reply is to mr matheson. Be very careful Skippy our master of the web will show you the yellow card for hijacking if you keep jumping into other people's conversations.

Re: Message Board Back Online

Commozione, gratidudine, preghiere, e anche qualche critica. Centinaia i messaggi arrivati in poche ore alla nostra segreteria. Ecco i più significativi

Re: Message Board Back Online

I see you've borrowed the text translation package again Skip or is it one you have access to in the care home?