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Bit or a rigmarole now to post anything, but better than having to put up with the previous shennanigans, hopefully now the site can get back to what it was meant to be, serious intellectual discussion about a bunch of frustrated loonies on a remote tropical island in the Indian Ocean (that takes care of us Siggies) and others who served there.

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Morning lads, re Rods last, if you remove the words "serious intellectual" from it, that would be right! Glad to hear that there are now quite a few going to Glasgow next March, the more the merrier. Look forward to seeing you all, yes, Setch, even you.
Cheers for now,

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Providing I am not swanning around the Far, Willie, I shall be in attendance to keep a bovine eye on you siggies. Just remember us SASF gentlemen know how to throw a ******* Marine Bar style. I can still remember some of the songs we used to sing & hopefully get Mike 'The Taff' Roberts to accompany me in 'Nellie Hawkins'

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Glad to hear it, Setch. try to remember that beer in Glasgow is much stronger than the Ingleze stuff, and there is also a tradition that the Scots up here, have their ale bought by Johnny foreigner! Cheers, Willie.

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The beer will be no problem jimmy but I do feel that if a Sassenach is going to travel 350 miles to attend this reunion the hosts should at least offer some liquid on arrival. It will be hard work walking up some of those hills en route. Siggies by nature are a POSB lot (cheap front row seats in the Astra remember)so should have loads & loads of money to spend on a poor down & out like me--finally redundant on September 30 Yippeeeeeeeee!
Should have a good thirst on by then don't you know.
On the other hand I shall think about buying a round & remember it is the thought that counts.
I will drink your health Willie as I cruise cross the channel first class on the Seacat for a booze trip to France tomorrow.

Definetly cheers old chap,


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Morning Setch,
Hope your beer visit across the channel went well, try to bring some up in March, mind you, it will probably all have been drunk by the end of this week!
We have plenty of Adam's Ale in Scotland, so I will save you a pint of that, just for starters. As for us SIGGIES being POSB, the reason we sat in the front rows in the Astra,was that we were nearer the beer hatch, and the exit after the movie, so as we could get to the bar faster. See you in March, cheers.

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Adams ale! Adams ale! Willie. Q.E.D. about the siggie POSBiness. What sort of beer-up is it going to be if its only Adams ale to drink or is that just for us southern jessies?????

I shall obviously have to bring some frog beer with me to enlighten you to the missed delights. May be you would like some elephant beer instead.

The trip got off to a bad start due to the Le Mans race. Left home at 0500 got to Dover at 0745 & missed the 0800 sailing & had to wait until 1400 for the next available boat as I travel 'interline' rates & conditions. Ever tried to waste 6 hours in Dover? Anyway, went to the first class lounge at 1130 & drank their wine & food until departure & the same on the boat. Got off in rosey glow & everything after that was marvellous.

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Hi Setch
Long time no hear, are you still with Britannia at Luton?

Haven't heard from Andy in a while, tell you what though I had the occasion to meet up with Taff Small and Tony Sirrell 10 days ago and Dick Harcourt brought his Gan photoboard memorabilia along to the Newark Aviation Museum.

Pity there was only a handful of Ganites to share same, still perhaps another day!

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Hullo John,

Yes it has been some time.

Yes still here although its called Thomsonfly. com now. I shall be joining the great unwashed on the redundancy heap on September 30. Been here 18 years so will get a payout & take my pension & hopefully semi-retire. Full time work is definetly a 4 letter word.Got a swan song business trip to OZ at the beginning of September & hope to meet up with an old buddy Bill Richardson (ex Gan 71 & ex Britts 90). He works for QANTAS & I shall be dealing with them at Sydney so should have quite a boozy time.

I shall give Andy a call in the near future for a TGIF session & have not seen him since March/ April. He is still working on the railways keeping the lines clear & safe. Time flies as you get older.

I only read about the Newark job after the event so hope you all had a good time & hopefully in the true Gan fashion. It is also good to know what people look like now. I try to put faces to the write ups & I bet they don't look anything like I imagine.

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A few mug shots on the first album Setch you will have to copy and paste the link though

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How it going then lads, where is everyone??
I think the bright sunshine must have evaporated all the Gannites.

come on you lads out there, instead of just looking at the bloody sites, add something to them.

Or is it that you are all getting bloody old and can't be bothered. If that is the case, you will only age quicker.

Come on lads, lets get it going!!

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Afternoon lads,
You are quite right, Tony, it's up to us to get things on the move again, after the chaos caused by you know who! I am off to the pub, just to be sociable, you understand, and to keep up the alcohol levels so as when the reunion in Glasgow comes round, i wont have to worry about getting ******* because i will already BE ******* Cheers, willie.

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What a relief it is to actually read discussions again, without going off on tangents by certain parties.
Thank you one and all for making this site safer - and if you believe all that crap, suggest you join me in the garage for some liquid refreshments.

yamsing and cheers

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Do you think that Confused has given up now?...worthwhile going back to 'normal' postings now?.

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Willie!, are you suggesting that "You know who" (confused) is Lord Voldemort from "Harry Potter"?