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RAF GAN 50yrs poss reunion

I was ground radar in69,now a hill farmer in Scottish borders. Sitting in the tractor today when a Beatles song came on the radio....There are places I remember all my life though some have changed....I could not stop thinking about the island..RAF Gan would have been 50yrs on 25-11-05.I have been back twice and will go back again this year,but it would be great if maybe a few of the lads got together on this day....maybe a little sevice outside the old HQ remember a few mates that are no longer around and the good times most of us had..The last time I went it cost all inclusive for one week for both of us 1266$us plus flights from Manchester,which we begged at £163 each...What do you think boys? Maybe the last chance ...Larry

Re: RAF GAN 50yrs poss reunion

While browsing ebay I dropped upon a book for sale called,"Return to Gan", by Michael Butler, so I got it. Michael was on Gan in 1959 and returned in 1998. It is a good read and has pictures of Gan in 1959 as well as what it was like in 1998. It seems to be quite a bit different in 1998 to the image painted by John Stephenson's article "Return to Paradise" on this site. Still 7 years is quite a time for a small island.
Sounds like a good idea to have a reunion there in Nov might take it in with a trip to Thailand!! What do you think Setch?

Re: RAF GAN 50yrs poss reunion

I shall give your suggestion some serious thought Dusty & Larry especially as it is my birthday on the same day. I cannot make any decisions at the moment as I am trying to sort out my future. At present I am not sure if I shall be full time employed, semi-retired or on the dung heap. It does sound a very good idea though.