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Invitation to all who served on GAN..

I will be on Gan from 5-12th Dec, and I will try to photograph anthing that would be of interest to any of you. Telephone me at home 01830 520060 or e-mail at with any requests. This will be the 4th and probably the last time I will be on the Island, so I will try and make a better DVD than last time, and if OK there will be plenty of copies free for the :boys;..One of my great pals[Mick DeBell got in touch after 35yrs,and is also coming out on the same flight,so no doubt there will be some tales to tell. I am looking forward to Mick telling the wives about when he went on leave to Singapore[Bugis St]where he tried his hand away and foundit was not holding what he thought it should have been!!!!. Marty Whitaker if you read this get in touch as I have some good photos of you,after getting some old negatives reprinted.. Looking forward to hearing from any of you Larry

Re: Invitation to all who served on GAN..

Hope you have a really great time Larry and I'm sure memories will come flooding back. I will talk to you later about a copy of the DVD, but I would like a good look at the old SHQ building. Enjoy yourselves. Don't know what you mean about Bugis Street it was a very genteel place with the lovely Southern Cabaret and various other things.

Re: Invitation to all who served on GAN..

Larry, Any photos you want put up on the site e-mail them to me and I'll upload them.



Re: Invitation to all who served on GAN..

Can you please describe what if any precautions the Adduans are taking to prevent the islands becoming awash with global warming seas