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Gan Update Dec 05

I am trying to do some sort of presentation,ie photos and pamphlets.The photos are self explanatory including a real good one of the accomadation from the air. The pamphlets explain how the Islands are once again in turmoil ,with the anger being directed towards the President. His friend Mr Mugabe visited earlier this year,probably to show him how to handle dissidents.There are now people missing from the Islands ie political prisoners.. He has also built a new Army barracks at the top of the Island,near what was the golf club.I dont suppose the soldiers are there for an honour guard for the tourists!!!.I also have a sept 05 magazine,where a rising polotitian from Meedu,says the British must make up for their disastorous withdrawel from Addu. This front page story is a must for Gannitesto read,as it blames the British for not ensuring that the compensation was used for Addu, instead it ended up somewhere else leaving them to get on with it..One of my great pals from 69[Derek Ward] is busy editing the DVD trying to put some then and now still photos,for a bit comparison,on to the DVD with if all goes well a great ending featuring a certain massage parlour Mick DeBell and yours truly...Nobby ,if you read this,I would have loved you to meet Micky DeBell as it would have been touch and go who had the best relationship with the Provost,I will inform you that the coconuts filled with Bacardi still does the trick, but we will leave the fan stopping to the expert..Wait for the photos etc and a merry xmas to you all,and especialy to Trevor Haycock to whom we had a toast on the Island and wished him well Keep posted old friends and plenty of DVDs when they are ready Larry.

Re: Gan Update Dec 05

Hi Larry,
Thanks for the update.
Been reading bits on other sites about some of the political problems that are going on over there.
I'll catch up with you after Christmas.
Have a good 'un.
Bob (Taff) Wathen
Air Formation (Army) Sigs 69 70

Re: Gan Update Dec 05

All sounds very interesting Larry. Look forward to the DVD. Have a good Christmas and New Year.

Re: Gan Update Dec 05

Lo mate, look forward to seeing the DVD when it is completed. Hope you had a good time out in Gan nonetheless.

all the best mate


Re: Gan Update Dec 05

Hi Larry, I'm looking forward to seeing the video, sounds very interesting. Have a good Christmas and New Year, and looking forward to seeing you in March. Cheers, Willie