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victor tanker crash

just found your web-site and am impressed.
i was on detachment to gan in 1967/68.
the picture of the victor over-run is captioned "victor tanker crash".
i thought you would like to know that it was not a victor tanker but a victor B2(SR) of 543 sqn. based at wyton.
it was doing a recce for our detachment later that year to do a photo survey of the maldive islands.
if anyone contacting your site was on that detachment i would love to hear from them.
all the best,
graham rumbellow

Re: victor tanker crash

What's the difference between a victor tanker and a victor B2(SR) - is it that one has gas and the other don't ??? and is it similar to a vauxhall victor ???

Re: victor tanker crash

I forgot to mention that my victor was stationed at Stanbridge