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Pension info, may be useful to someone

Rcvd below in my guestbook, may be useful to a few of you out there.

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Michael Kennedy


What year/s were you on Gan?

Which section?
SAS Flight

Where do you live? (Town/Country)
Ruskington Lincs

How did you find this website?
Old Gannite attended the reunion now browsing

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Now aged 64 okay I know the song Beatles were the boys in 64. Along with Doris Day Move over Darling a hit with Radio Gan
Now retired and am volunteer treasurer for the Combined Armed Forces Federation (CAFF) so what is that Did you come out before 1975 and no pension?? I did and nothing to show for it. Caff are fighting to put things right ,we have over 800 members who subscribe. We have the services of a researcher at parliment and are in the process of preparing a report to be sent to every MP we will then lobby for a bill to ammend the present legislation to include service personell, we were excluded beyond 1975 when the pension leglislation was passed but other civil servants were included retrospectively. so if you demobbed before 1975 send me an E'mail and I will send you the gen or visit our website for more info fight now for your right to a pension.

Re: Pension info, may be useful to someone

Thanks for the info Tony as I am one of these poor unfortunates. I miss it by 5 months so I will see what I can find out.

Re: Pension info, may be useful to someone

I was amazed when I sent off to find out what I can expect in 2 years time. I did 12 years and the current expectation is (not counting any increase in the next 2 years) is 9 grand gratuity and 3 grand a year.
Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick

Re: Pension info, may be useful to someone

You are lucky Gordie as I still get **** all.