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Message Board Discovered

As a regular contributor to other message boards (RAF Seletar Association, Mazda MX5 clubs) I am amazed I did not notice this one on 'RAF Gan Remembered'. Glad I stumbled across it, some great comments and memories on here.

I noticed one about a series of DVD's being produced. I have a video tape of an Anglian TV documentary 'The Lonely Men of Coral Command'. Quite naff in some ways but really good views of the island and VC10's, and the Weavers woman of course !

Re: Message Board Discovered

LMOCC is a classic. Especially the Padre's anecdote and the "wind-up" about people asking the Snowdrops to lock them up for their own good. If you take a look here
There's a trailer to my dvd from our holiday on Gan in August.