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69/03/05 DVD

I have just had an e-mail from the wife of a 69/70 gannite[who must remain nameless of course]asking if I had a copy of my dvd for her to give him as a christmas present.I will send her a copy,but my neighbour has done 10 copies,so there are 9 spare for anyone else...Larry PS no charge..

Re: 69/03/05 DVD

Lo Geordie mate, put me down for one mate, anything Gan related. Thanks

Re: 69/03/05 DVD

I don't suppose there is a copy of THE DVD still available. Keep talking of going back - would love to see the place again.


Ex siggie Gan 67/68

Re: 69/03/05 DVD

Hello David, DVD no problem,just e-mail me your adress and should fix you up this week...When you have watched it,come back onto the site and tell us what you think of the old place now.You might be surprised a little bit...Larry

Re: 69/03/05 DVD

Still three copies left for anyone.A great way to spend xmas afternoon..No charge as I have said,Astra front row or officers mess,makes no differnce Larry

Re: 69/03/05 DVD

Hi Geordie,sent email off with address details today. Thanks in advance - David.

PS Will be away from 22nd until the 29th, just in case you send it off and wonder why no ack from me!

Re: 69/03/05 DVD

Hello Larry.
Last week the wife and I invested in a 32inch wide-screen telly + DVD thingy, and so I have been able to watch the Gan DVD in digital splendour. It was great to see the old place, and a bit sad to see it all rather shabby. Particularly enjoyed seeing the entrance to the civvy mess and shots of the ATC tower with the Met Office below it. I vaguely remember (most of my memories are vague these days)a pongo called Martell, so called because that was all he drank!

Many thanks Larry, and seasonal good wishes to all.

Ray Taylor (Ex-civvy Gannite)

Re: 69/03/05 DVD

Just a reminder of how the site can work.Had a request for a dvd from John Carter,who was also a ground radar mechanic on Gan the same time as me,but what I did not remember was that John was Mick DeBells mechanic,Mick being a fitter.I passed a telephone number over and a great pair of mates were reunited,with John probably coming to Blackpool when I send him details etc.Now John I believe has an enormous amount of photos,so should be plenty new stuff for the site.By the way I went to Johns leaving do,on board the Wave-Victor,did anyone else ever have their do on there?..Larry

Re: 69/03/05 DVD

Hi Geordie and Happy new year to all you Gannites. Had a long chat with Dibbs who phoned me out of the blue the day after receiving the excellent DVD Ahh what memories. Dibbs & I chatted as if the 37 year gap never existed. But when you talk to old mates whats time We have a " family site" here guys, lets cherish it after all looking back we had a ball. Roll on Blackpool do i have to bring my own Tiger????

Re: 69/03/05 DVD

Just trawling through the site and came across the forum. What is the Gan DVD? Is it just in 1969?
I was there on Air Movements March 1967 to 68. Often wondered how the old place is now. Had a great time there for a year with a 2 week break in Hong Kong.



Re: 69/03/05 DVD

Hi Larry,

Got back from holiday - 22:00hrs. DVD amongst the stack of post. So on with the TV and DVD in the player. Sat and watched the film from end to end. What a difference 40 years makes... Could still recognise much of it though. Seems strange seeing roads on Gan with traffic - other than the CO'S vehicle and MR 10 PC.

Will get there one day. I think it needs to be soon though or I wont recognise the place at all. Thank you for a great DVD. Looks as if you had a "stressful time" making it.

Best regards


Re: 69/03/05 DVD

Gerry Robinson, been back a few times and put a dvd together with a few stills from my time there[69]and a look around the island in 03/04/05.E-mail me your adress and I will send you a copy.No charge and no problem....Larry