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Water Supplies

Something that has always bugged me for years.
Where did we get the drinking and washing water from on Gan?
I presume there were wells, but I never noticed any pumping and purifying plant.
There never appeared to be a water shortage that I can remember.
Peter Geary (1960)

Re: Water Supplies

Pete, in answer to your question, we were sitting on top of it, it was a just below our feet.
The major fresh water source in the Maldives is the aquifer floating on saline water about two metres below ground level.
They just drilled into it and put in a pump.

That simple eh?

Re: Water Supplies

Tony, Thanks for your quick reply.
However, I am still slightly sceptical.
300+ Guys washing, drinking and cooking on a small island uses a lot of water, and although you may laugh, it didn't rain a great deal if you averaged it throughout the year.
I suspect we were draining the aquifers of the whole of Addu Atoll.
Cheers. Peter G

Re: Water Supplies

Hello Pete, Tony was right,a pumping station just left of centre on the island,and I have been back and of Dec05 was still pumping away.The only thing is that they ask you not to use it for drinking.All drinking water for the hotel is shipped in from Sri Lanka.The Maldies all have large plastic water tanks on their houses[huts!]which they use to catch the rain for their own personal use.PS I have recently been told by a Maldivian friend that the rain is nowhere near as much as it was,global warming? who knows,but a rise in sea level and no rain and no Addu!!!.Hope you are well Larry

Re: Water Supplies

The drop in the aquifer level is a big problem on Male' along with contamination from sewage etc. This is also the case on other islands including Can and Hittadu. Desalination plants are becoming more evident.