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Railway enquiry


I am a railfan from Switzerland and have always thought that the Maldives had always been devoid of any railways, until I found a reference to a light railway having been built during the latter years of WWII on the causeway linking the western islands of Addu Atol.

Does anybody have any details on this railway ? The reason I am asking this here is that there are references in guestbook of the "Fedu-Gan Railway Preservation Society" (1964/65) and the "willingilli railway" (1972/73).

I would also be most interested in any traces or remnants of it which could still be found today.

Thomas Kautzor,
Geneva, Switzerland.

Re: Railway enquiry

No but you can find all the details of the railways on this site.

Re: Railway enquiry

I think it may have been a clockwork railway - windup.

Re: Railway enquiry

If I remember correctly, there was always a train load of people heading to the Bushy Disco on saturday nights

Re: Railway enquiry

I'd forgotten about the bushy disco train! But wasn't it only for moonies?

Re: Railway enquiry

I think I remamber this railway.
It was called the Hittachoochoo.
It ran daily from Waterloo to Miradoo.

Or am I just an old fart with a failing memory?

Re: Railway enquiry

Regards the railway from Gan to Fedu, it closed just after the war when the last coalmine on Gan closed.All that remains of the coalmine is the spoilheap just south of SASF...