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Thank you

Would just like to thank Willie Dunlop, Larry Dodds and Nobby Shippereley for their support on my radio prog (24th April) your contacts were greatly appreciated. Nobby, I didn,t realise that Reg Howarth had passed on, we had some great times together at Cosford and Gan. He will be sadly missed. I'm glad that I was able to play his favourite song (The Glen Campbell one) I'm certain that he heard it!!
Anyway guys thanks again and let me know when the next reunion is going to be and I shall be there!! George.

Re: Thank you

Reg used to drive us potty with his Glen Campbell requests on Gan radio - worst of all was his singing along in his high-pitched screechy voice. Usually though, Hodgy and I could drown him out with our own rendition - raucous wasn't in it.
I came up behind Reg one day while he was on the phone and grabbing the bottom of his KD shorts with both hands lifted his legs off the ground in an act of simulated homosexuality. He was desperately trying to hang onto the table and the phone at the same time. It was the only time I ever saw him angry - his face went purple with rage and he stopped me going to the Astra later in the evening.
Blokes visiting the Commcen at Stafford used to say that they knew me and it was all because of Reg, cos they reckoned he used me as a training aid on courses at Cosford. I met up with him on several occasions after Gan, once in Bridgnorth when Jackie Melville was on a course and then at a Trade group 11 Seminar sometime in the early 90's. He had put on a lot of weight, but his demeanour was just the same. If I look back over my 13 years on the RAF, after Hodgy he was my favourite bloke.

Re: Thank you

Cheers Nobbs hope you got the email I sent to you re Gan reunion 2009. And the idea for documentary!!!