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I have to say some of the banter on this forum has been priceless!
After months of illness reading these postings has done me more good than any drug treatment!
Keep it up boys it could be made into a television series!


Re: Postings

Yeah a few titles spring to mind.

A few pished men

The Good, the Bad and the Rod, willie, Tony, Nobby etc(use which ever name you think!!!!)

Dye harder (my hair has gone grey)

Gan with the wind

Smoke gets in your eyes so no siggies !!!!

Anyone else want to add a few perhaps ??????

Re: Postings

The famous Shakespeare play "Hittadu about Nothing"

Re: Postings

Hair today, Gan tomorrow. (Anybody that knows me will know what I mean)
The Hamshank Redemption
Blue Moonie

Re: Postings

Nobhead and Broomsticks!!! Sorry Nobby!!

Re: Postings

Ray, shouldn't that be "Much Addu about nothing??"

Re: Postings

"Last gannite in Paris"

(she gets everywhere)

Re: Postings

How about "Top Gan"?

Re: Postings

One flew over the Blue Lagoon

Gan in 60 seconds

Re: Postings

Gone in 60 secs!!!! Get some treatment for it at the sex clinic !!!!

Re: Postings

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into m(ar)ine bar!