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Hey Officers

Hi Officers,
I am Moosa. (Big Moose) I have been working in RAF Offices mess. Did anyone remembers me?????

Re: Hey Officers

Hi Moosa,

Great to see you on the site,I was a mere SAC on Gan so you won't know me.Hopefully some of the Officers will contact you shortly.Tell your friends I am looking for help and read my postings regarding Ismail Rasheed.Hope you get many replies from people who knew you,

Best Regards


Re: Hey Officers

Sorry Mate, but was unable to attend the Officers Mess, due to being a lowly SAC, I knew that they wouldn't enter my domain, so I opted not to join their's, anyway it was more fun going to the 180 club and marine bar where you didn't havta dress up.

Can someone advise me how you iron a shirt without sleeves ??

Re: Hey Officers

Hello Moosa,
I cant help you as I only visited the officers mess on about 4 occations, but remember the Gin bottle painted mat black.
I did know the staff of the Sgt's mess and have photos of them Mess No.1 Guss Hassn Didi and many others. If you know of them pass on my best wishes 10p for Dusty