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Historical Gan Photos for Magazine Article

Hello all,

My name is Thomas Pickard and I am a writer and photographer living in the Maldives. I have been commissioned by a regular client of mine (an airline travel magazine), to write and photograph a story on Gan in Addu Atoll. Of particular interest to my editor and I is the history of Gan and securing access to reasonable quality HISTORICAL imagery of Gan airport.

While I have found a variety of reasonable good quality black and white historical imagery on the Internet of Gan, what I really need is to find and contact people who have HISTORICAL imagery of Gan, which they also have copyright of (magazines will not publish imagery supplied from people that do not have the copyright for the image).

If this is you, or if you know of someone or some organisation, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Email: thomaspickardphotography (at) gmail (dot) com

or via my web site: