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Uniting Nations New Single

My son Paul and his mate Daz are releasing their latest single "Do it Yourself" The downloads are on sale from tomorrow and the disc the following monday.

Go to their site to listen and see the video.

It is very raunchy if you haven't seen it before.

If you like it, please download it from ITUNES or better still get your kids to do it !!!!!

Re: Uniting Nations New Single

Hello Gerry,getting my daughter to download as I still only have my Dansette record player [£6]in the Gan naffi shop..Had not paid for it when I left Gan,but they sent the bill on to Conningsby...How do we pay for your boys recording? Larry

Re: Uniting Nations New Single

Hi Larry and thanks for that. Think you're the only person to reply. Haven't heard a peep from anyone else.

Well you can go to ITUNES and download it there for 79p. You will need to create an account. Maybe one of your kids has already got a music site downloaded.

If not, you can buy it in the shops next monday and you get the video with it as well. Think its about 2.39 online, dont know what it will be in shops.

Re: Uniting Nations New Single

Come on then Gerd, bring us up to speed on your son Paul and what's happened since the last posting!

Re: Uniting Nations New Single