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Anyone heard from Larry?


I just wondered if anyone had heard from Larry Dodds lately. I know some of you are mates and see each other and possibly telephone one another.
I sent him a few emails just asking if he was ok but I have had no reply. I hav'nt seen anything on the site recently from him.
Perhaps one of you could give him a ring if you have his telephone number?

Regards to all,


Re: Anyone heard from Larry?

Hi Frank.

Got an e-mail from Larry on the 31st December & he seemed ok at that time. Let me know if you hear from him.



Re: Anyone heard from Larry?

Thought Larry had been very quiet of late, glad to hear he is fine and dandy. Are you going to Belfast next month BTW??

Re: Anyone heard from Larry?

G'day there Guys,

Spoke to Larry and his wife the other day, he told me that he will be getting a new computer in a couple of days time, and will advise all of the situation.
Apart from that he's fine and doing well.


Re: Anyone heard from Larry?

Hi Willie,

Don't think I will make Belfast as I have some medical problems at the moment which might involve hospital treatment.Pity because I was born there and grew up in Bangor about 12 miles from Belfast.
If I could get over these problems I would love to target Gan in 2009.Now that really gives me something to aim for!!!!!

Best Regards


Re: Anyone heard from Larry?

A pity about that Frank, we had a good time last year in Blackpool, and before that in Glasgow. The time we were in Belfast, only two of us made it, but Rod and myself still had a ball.

Re: Anyone heard from Larry?

Yes, I know Wullie cos it was mine. Can I have it back please as the other one misses it !!!!!!

Re: Anyone heard from Larry?

Nope, coz now we can call you "Hitler" keenan!!!