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Boys of 68 (SASF)


I came across some photographs (six) of a SASF 'piss up'.Looks like a celebration in winning a football trophy,Easter 68.
I managed to purchase them to donate them to the site,they were found amongst some old postcards would you believe.
I have sent them to Chalky White and Larry Dodds,I also tried to send them to Stan (SASF) listed as SASF 68/69 but these were undelivered.
These are great photographs and I want to be sure they are listed on the site.Anyone who wants them sent please email me.One of the photograps has some names on the back but they don't seem to be listed on the site.Another if you enlarge shows a picture of a 'members list' over the bar.I was on Gan 68/69 and recognize some of the faces but I can't put names to them!
I hope this email finds you all in good health,

Best Regards