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The boy is back in town..

Hello all of you and thank all of you who were asking if i was okay...What happened was that my son was mixing chemicals on the farm,there was an exsplosion[lost a thumb and two fingers]police ,fire brigade all come steaming in,I arive a few minutes later,unexplaned exsplosion ??the heavy squad arrive,discover I have many moslem friends.Any of you put 2and2 together,think of a number and thatwas what the police came up with..My son was arrested in the hospital,my wife and me were escorted offthe farm and the home office forensic people emptied everything out of the house,and still have it..We are now back home ater they found out there was not a mountain to be made out of a molehill,but I have had to buy a new computer as they dont seem keen to return either my guns or computer set-up.I am now taking legal action against them,so we will see how we get on...Larry

Re: The boy is back in town..

At your time in life you should be sitting in a rocking chair on your farm porch smoking a clay pipe. Not playing at Palestinian militants.
No chance of you going to Gan next year-your not getting your guns, computer and passport back!!
Peter G.

Re: The boy is back in town..

Larry, welcome back stranger. Hope you and yours are OK and well

Look forward to hearing from you again.

Are you still up for the Gan reunion next year or is that a daft question at the moment?

Take care mate


Re: The boy is back in town..


Great to have you back on the site.Sorry to hear about all the problems you have had.You really started the new year with a bang !!!!!!
Bad joke,sorry,I hope your boy is recovering from his injuries,it sounds really nasty.
I know its not much comfort but thank God it was'nt worse,
Anyway Larry as I said it's great to see you back ,the site did'nt seem right without you.



Re: The boy is back in town..

Hi Larry. Glad to know you have been released !!!!
Sorry to hear about your lad and hope he is making a good recovery.

Just think what would have happened if you had been Irish as well !!!!

Might just have made the 2043 reunion !!!!!!

Re: The boy is back in town..


I was so sorry to hear about your son's accident and hope that he's coping and on the road to recovery. I think that the treatment you and your family were subjected to by investigators was deplorable. It's a sad state of affairs if this is now standard procedure in the UK. I just wanted to let you know that you have the moral support of many from the wider community of Gan associates who visit the site.

Kindest regards

Lorraine Lee

Re: The boy is back in town..

Welcome back Larry - your shout, mines a guinness

Re: The boy is back in town..

Hi Larry, really glad to see you back again, hope all the problems have been sorted out. It seems to me that it's always the innocent people who get the hard time from our officers of the law, but when our much respected MP's fall foul of the law, they seem to get away scot free. Anyway, it's great to have you back on board.

Re: The boy is back in town..

Hello all of you,and thank you all for the good wishes.I found out just how well my wife and me were liked around the Border area when we were offered numerous farm cottages for free whilst we were out of the farm[16 days].We eventually stayed with our daughter and travelled the thirty miles a day to come up and feed the stock,although I was escorted around whilst feeding up,after all I could have had a bomb hidden inside one of the cows!!!I still dont know how someone with no criminal record could be treated like that..I think I told Lorraine that I married the girl I was courting whilst on Gan and am still married to her now,and like most people we had some rough times making our way over the years,but,I have never ever seen her so down as that day when we were allowed back into the house to find everything upside down.She said that she did not want to live here anymore,so I have sold the farm[99%]and am looking forward to semi-retirement at 60....Next ,,Tony I am having trouble getting onto your site to get our names down,will keep trying,but let me know what is happening just in case....Larry

Re: The boy is back in town..

Just been reading the press reports Larry and it sounds bizarre to say the least! I hope it's all getting sorted for you and your son now?

Re: The boy is back in town..

Hi Larry, hope you are getting there, albeit slowly.
Bureaucracy is a pain in the proverbial and I can imagine you have had enough of it all
Give my love to your lady.

No rush getting on to my site to get your name down, just get in when you can

Keep smiling old mate, they can't take that away from you.

Re: The boy is back in town..

Larry, bring us up to date with all of the above.
You haven't told us a great deal regarding the farm etc.
Hope you and your lady wife are all recovered from the farce that the government put you through.
Let us know how you are getting on mate.

Re: The boy is back in town..

Hello all,,I eventually sold my farm,just catching it right before the credit crunch started to bite.I am now a millionaire and 90% retired,living in a rented cottage as I cannot find a good proprty that is realisticly priced at todays prices.What we have discussed is maybe just buying a little cheap terrace house to use as a base,and put our time in travelling around as there is so much to see and time is catching up..I will almost certainly go on another recce to Gan this year,and we will all meet again on Gan 2010 wont we????please!!!In the meantime has anybody been on holiday to Singapore this last few months? would like some info before planning our trip...Larry

Re: The boy is back in town..

I was in Singapore 69/71, then 73, then 96, its still in the same place, not moved, well worth the trip

Re: The boy is back in town..

Hi Larry.

Listen to what your head & heart are saying and take your own advice mate. Five years ago when I had a serious "heart episode", my sister (who is known for her straight talking!), visited me in hospital and said "There's no pocket in a shroud. Don't return to work, retire, buy that motor-home you've always wanted and travel". Advice duly taken, I've never looked back and never been happier, using the motor-home as much as we can (UK, Ireland, Europe) and also travelling the world going to places where good rugby is played. You've got one shot at this life my old friend. Put the bad luck you've had in a box, shut the lid firmly and go and enjoy the rest of it! Best of luck and best wishes to you and your family.

Re: The boy is back in town..

Hello Tony ,great to hear from you,didnt know you had had heart trouble,but very pleased you are OK now.Myself and the wife have decided to do just what your suggesting.My mind has been made up for me this last couple of weeks when first an old Gan mate died[Bill Burton]and then 30 and 31Dec two old mates from my schooldays both died with their funerals following each other on Monday..Regards your motorhome,one of our Gan mates Derek Ward[who made my dvd]he and his wife bought a motor home and they too spend any time they get travelling all around UK and Europe,and come up with the same fact----you only get the one go --enjoy it.....All the best in the future ..Larry