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Rememberance Sunday/Reunion

I was at the local war memorial[Rothbury]on Sunday.I was standing with a Flight Lieutenant[in uniform]his wife and 2yr old daughter.He told me he had just come home from Iraq.I have to say his wife looked a bundle of nerves,telling me she could not rest all the time he had been away[2nd tour].Anyway after the laying of thr wreaths I asked him if he knew who the bowler hatted gentleman was[one of the senior men leading the ceremony].He told me he thought it was Air-vice marshal Huntly[long since retired of course]Now me being a social sort of person,decides I would go and have a word with him.So after it was all over I walked up to him[remember I am in my blazer complete with RAF Gan badge].He imediately removed his bowler and offered his handshake[a real polite gentleman]and I asked him if he had served in the far-east.Of course he had so next question was had he ever been to Gan.He said he knew what I was going to ask as soon as he saw my blazer badge.Anyway he tells me as a young officer[sqdn leader] in the 60s he was a regular on Gan flying bombers on re-fueling exersises with the victors,saying he had many happy memories of his numerous stays on Gan.We had 10 minutes reminiss and left it at that with another handshake.I walked back across the road and wished the flight lieutenant the best of luck,and he asked me if I had in fact known the AVM,I said I do now..Now as we are all getting older do you not think we could have a midi reunion on rememberance sunday at various places each year.Book a hotel for the weekend and appear for the parade on the Sunday.Is there a RAF Gan flag?.It would be great 50/100 of us joining in with our own flag..Silly or sentimental,I dont know,but plenty of our lads are hitting 70 now and maybe the time to have a go is near..Interested to hear any suggestions.....Larry

Re: Rememberance Sunday/Reunion

I think the logistics of people getting there now we are all "getting on" a bit Larry would be the main problem. I love getting together with all ex-Gannites whatever year they were there, because we all share the same memories even if they were spread over a couple of decades.

I would like to hear what other people have to say regarding an annual event.

Re: Rememberance Sunday/Reunion

Well, we have our annual musical **** up every March. If anybody would like to attend, you are all more than welcome.

Re: Rememberance Sunday/Reunion

Hello Willie,,I think,just like our mini reunion,poss rememberance reunion or even a RAF Gan reunion,all it would take is someone to take the lead and spoon-feed the boys and everything would take off.A good organiser is what is needed...Any offers???Larry

Re: Rememberance Sunday/Reunion

Hello boys,regards AVM Huntly,I have since spoken to him again,and he tells me ,he was in fact flying Canberras..What I would like is a few stories I could relate to him about Canberras on Gan ie hang-ups,overshoots that sort of thing..See what yous can do,,Thanks Larry

Re: meet

Hi Geordie
Yes I am still about. I have been back to Gan these last two years. I managed to grab a lift and tour of the new Herethera resort. It still was not finished but should look ok now. I was also taken to the new resort on VILLINGILLI. It will be out of this world when it is finished. So all being well it will leave equator village alone for us ex Gannites !!

Hopefully these two new resorts will bring in extra revenue for the attol.

A reunion should not be too hard to organise, it will all depend on costs for most people, and time scale. ie the time of the year. I am sure that if there was enough interest it could be viable. I would be happy to look at the pro's and con's.

I will leave it to you to generate the interest, get me enough people and I would look at it and give feed back (you are on the site more than me I still just browse now and then.


Re: Rememberance Sunday/Reunion


There is a Gan Flag from SHQ 1960, ex Cpl Air Radio Andy Mutch has it, we displayed it at Duxford 'NAAFI' 7 years ago, a bit tattered now but what the hell....

Re: Rememberance Sunday/Reunion

Hello John,will keep that flag in mind.Next big reunion,either at home or if possible on Gan early 2010,that should be the flag we will parade with...Larry