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First lady on Gan

I arrived at RAF Gan on the 10 Jan 1959. There was a lady in residence with her husband ,both retired, and were there as liason with the locals.

The first lady to come to RAF Gan was a Sgt AQM arriving on the first Comet to land at Gan. The pilot landed with brakes ON and burst 3 tyres. She ate in the Sgts Mess (Kadjan) and slept in the Station Sick Quaters(locked) over night. It took SASF (6 of us)to build and replace wheels all night and only saw the lass when the aircraft left the following morning


Re: First lady on Gan

Hello Geoff,,I landed 10yrs to the day after you with only Joan the wrvs lady on the island,,but what I wanted to say is--I had never ever heard of a husband and wife team on the island in the late fifties.I have read the Port-T book,,which is just about a complete history of the place,but cant say I have noticed any mention of them..What else does the island hide ????? Larry