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Photos from Gan 1959


Please allow me to give this a plug! :-)

I have been sent 40+ photos from Geoff Batterbee from Gan in 1959 as the airfield was being constructed, the pics [and others] are here [Registration is required]

Re: Photos from Gan 1959

Thanks for those, John, I have looked at them on your site, and have posted on Tony's site telling the lads about them

Re: Photos from Gan 1959

Hello John,,no doubt you will know we are having a reunion on Gan next march,,,now do you still have acess to the RAF flag ex-HQ,,we may want a lend of if poss....Larry

Re: Photos from Gan 1959


The 1960 RAF Ensign was given to Andy Mutch, I am in touch with Andy but it might cause a riot in Aberdeen if you want it back! :-)

Re: Photos from Gan 1959

A riot is nothing new in Aiberdeen, it usually happens when the Huns play us at the fitba!!!!

Re: Photos from Gan 1959

hi john,so much happened in 7 yrs willsend on more photos if you would like them regards nanette

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