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RAF or RAFA standard..

Hello boys,,just come back from rememberance sunday at my local town..First time there has not been a RAF standard bearer,,it upset a lot of the older RAF boys who come up to Rothbury especialy [RAFA benevolent homes]for this special week.Now me being local and the youngest of the oldies,has told them that there will be some sort of RAF standard at next years parade,and I will carry it[all being well]..What I would like from you is some idea where I could obtain such a thing,,either new or maybe from some disbanded RAFA association.It doesnt matter if it has rafa newquay or inverness on it,these old boys just want to see the RAF on display during the march- past ,see if you can help ..Larry

Re: RAF or RAFA standard..

Are there any other branches of RAFA or maybe a British Legion round about where you live, Larry. Failing that, you could maybe write/email the MOD and see if they could provide you with one. Any RAF bases round about your area? What happened to the RAF ensign that used to be carried in your area? Hope this is of some assistance.