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Re: Photo request re reunion[GAN]

Pavel.. I am on the case.. There are only 24 hours in a day.. This is a hobby, not a full time vocation..



Re: Photo request re reunion[GAN]

Hi Phil,

I am sorry I do not want to bother anyone! Please forgive me.
For me it is also only a hobby which takes me a lot of time - so I know what your are talking about. But you know - I am young and impatient in those snowy days here in Prague


Re: Photo request re reunion[GAN]

Hello Pavel,,e-mail me your adress and I will send you the dvd made on Gan in the sixties,,plenty of ATC coverage on it..No

Re: Photo request re reunion[GAN]

Hello boys,,regards the reunion--days to do are getting few---as we say,,so one last request for some more photos.Just received some great photos of MCU circa 68/69 from Mike Coster making over 100copies for the display.Any more would be thankfully received.It promises to be a great event with the President of the Maldives instructing his press secretary to ensure that everything goes smoothly..PS still time for last minute join in...Larry