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Re: Hello Everyone From 1969 - Great 2 Find You Larry

Well Well. All I have done for the last few hours is trawl thru' this great site full of awesome memory joggers/pictures etc.

Came across a guy called Andy Souter who was there twixt 74/75 I didn't know him but knew of him thru Derek.

So pleased to hear that you are in touch with the old grizzled one, pass on my best when you next see the lad.

Love to be part of your trip in March but pennies tight these days.

I have a few pics that I will send to you but they are all of me that someone took one day and two of them are with the canoe with a Vicky 10 taking off in the background - got one of Derek also plus myself and Mick Huntley in the billet and a blurry one of me at the controls at RG.

What a strange retrospective way to start off a new decade.

Cheers the gnu,


Re: Hello Everyone From 1969 - Great 2 Find You Larry

Hi there, just read your thread, you mentioned Sgt Black Mac, he was my Sgt at Hendon when I left Gan mid 74, what a character, he by then had divorced his first wife, re-married, but was still seeing his first on the sly, terriffic bloke


from an old Siggy