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Hello boys,,further to my request for photos to take to our reunion on Gan,I received a load from my old gan pal--Mike Spencer..He also told me he had applied for and received a RAF service medal,,a standard medal with your service number and dates of service,cost around £40...If you are interested just google Award productions,, then search for RAF service medal.....Its pretty straight forward cos I managed...Larry


Hi everyone,

I mentioned the RAF service Medal to Larry after spotting the Awards Productions website. I lost my father's WW2 medals years ago and thought I would replace them in a personalised presentation frame. They did such a good job I decided to get my grandfathers WW1 medals done the same way. That's when I noticed the RAF Service Medal. It's a very attractive commemorative medal available to anyone who served in the RAF, with clasps, engraved, and in a personalised case. I've now got a nice colection to pass onto my son and thereafter his son. I wonder what he will make of them when he's old enough to understand.
As Larry says, if you are interested go online and have a look. You won't be disappointed.