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gan reunion

Hi Guys

Well the time is nearly upon us. I think we now have 50 people going, so not a bad effort. For those of you who have just looked, and done nothing, so be it.

For those of you who have looked, but due to various circumstances cannot make it, I am sorry.

Depending how it goes, 2016 could be the next year to go, seeing that it is the 40th anniversary of the closure. But rest assured all you gannites out there, we will try and do you proud.

Re: gan reunion

Hello boys,,can I just add to Steves post and say thank you to the lads and Qs that have sent photos for the display we are having with the Maldivians on the 24th March.No doubt we will have lots of stories to tell on our return,and probably some where-are-they-now enquiries from some of the Maldivians..Should be plenty of posts on the site in April...Larry....PS we have had a few last minute additions to our number---have a think--probably still time--all welcome.....MCU have not got a representitive which is a shame,,any chance of a last minute surprise???

Re: gan reunion

A great pity that an ex MCU (Tanker) is not going, I speak of the (in)famous Danny Gurney, the man of the 5 string guitar and bottles of dark Rum man! Once seen, NEVER forgotten!!

Re: gan reunion

I have just ( yesterday ) returned from three weeks in the Maldives. I was offered a free three day visit to Addu Atol in exchange for my hotel room on a northern atoll resort. ( President needed to put some friends up )

I took many, many pics but as you will all be out there soon you will also get them.

The Equator hotel is looking forward to your visit. I spoke to lots of people I met, most of whom had fathers that worked for the RAF.

My old basher is still there and I took a pic of me standing exactly where I took a previous pic 40 years ago, it was a very weird feeling.
Overall Gan really needs government money. Since we left the northern atolls have had their revenge for Addu atol being the " rich " end and as such no investment has been made. But the new president has a new eye on this and I am sure Addu will grow very well.

Enjoy your trip guys ( by the way it was BLOODY hot ) and they do not spray against mossies any more so BE WARNED !!


Re: gan reunion

When we were out there a couple of years ago, the guys used to come around each afternoon with their smoke machines and do the biz. There do not seem to be many mossies around and we were certainly not bothered by them.

Terry, are you a jammy prat or what, you fell in lucky there mate!

Re: gan reunion

I remember the guys spraying the smoke against the mossies, some used to tell you when they were going to spray so as we could close the windows, and some didn't, so you got a lungful of petrol fumes, which didn't really help the hangover!!

Re: gan reunion

Just seen about the photos!
If you want any more I can supply a good lot (see under my name on this site - though it should be 1979-71 not 1969-70 - my fault!).
I have all of these on disk and can supply you with the lot - on a disk - or print some off though large (A4) prints tend to weigh a bit. I am taking a small album of photos to, I hope, leave with the resort to show to other visitors. In fact, about 3 to 4 years ago I did send a whole lot of mounted quite large photos to the resort for them to use but have no idea if they ever arrived (they were displayed at the RAF Odiham re-union in 2003).
Pat and self are looking forward to this trip and if I can help please let me know.
Geoff Parselle.
Station Photographer Dec 70 to Oct 71

Re: gan reunion

hi i would like to be added to any email about a reunion for raf gan i work in the sgt mess 1975 to 76