Rick Frost's Vote Caster

Welcome to my Vote Caster.

Do you believe George Bush should be impeached?
Not Sure

Do you believe the apocolypse is imminent?
Yes - This Year
Yes - In the next ten years
Yes- In the next 20 years
No - Isn't going to happen

Do you believe the best song writer in the world is Rick Frost?
Yes - Absolutely
Yes- Without a doubt
Yes - I'm sure of it
Yes ...Yes....Yes!!!!!!

Do you think it would be reasonable to nationalize the profits of major oil companies and use the funds to provde National Health Care?
Don't know

Should drug laws in the U.S. be decriminalized?
Yes - completely.
Yes, drugs should be legalized.
Yes- possession of drugs should be a misdemeanor
No - we don't have enough people in jail

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