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Possible Dragon Court Blood Relitive

I have had dreams visions and angles come to me throughout my entire life. But in 2008 I had angelic visitation this being was in ethier blue and white. She Showed me many things in flashes in my minds eye. One thing I remember seeing was the solar cross with the dragon symbol. After this I started having out of body experiences and I would go to a building that was huge that had a stairway going left diagonal so I went up there and I saw an oboist but of black granite but not pointed on top but had a flat angle at 45 degrees going down with the sun symbol on it to my right was a huge snake with its tung sticking out but it did no harm to me. Before all of this my grandfather use to tell me of a lost tribe that we belonged to and spoke of Druidism. My grandfather was into occultism and Rosicrucianisum. I started pulling family information from all branches of my family looking for something different and profound. I have found that we belong to the ancient kings of Rome Scotland and Brittan. I have names and a tree including DNA test. I truly believe that we do not belong to the christian peoples but to the ancient dragon peoples and I would like to do all I can to prove it. I have things happen to me that most do not I have asked many and only one in maybe a thousand have those things happen. I myself study Rosicrucian and esoteric philosophy and consider myself of what is called the Nephilim branch. I love nature and am saddened about what has happened to our environment. In 2017 the night of my stepmoms funeral the angles showed themselves to me as balls of light it was profound which gives me further indication that I am on the right trail. I bought the book The Dragon Legacy by Nicholas Vier and I started crying as I read it because I have been looking for this for years. I have a lot of contact with other world and they said my path is in the sun find it in Rosicrusianisum. I see the Rose and the dragon on my family crest and I know it must be true. I am not asking for recognition or anything I just want to meet those of my kin if it really is. Ill leave my email address below. I would leave my number by I have already experienced death threats and one Jesuit telling me that we thought we wiped all of you out but obviously we did not. We wont make the same mistake this time so I have to be careful. I never put any of this out before he must have figured me out by my style it was over a video I published. I wanted to add that I am a magician in the high magic working on the light body.

In Light In Truth and Peace