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The grail behind the veil

Shrouded in mystery is the life of the self.
Hidden in plain sight is the book on the shelf.
Without the eyes to see and the ears to hear,
One spends their life running in fear.
My heart fills and swells with love and light,
Whenever the Dragon visits me in the night. .
I have lifted the veil and what do I see?
That the gift of the grail was always in me.

Re: The grail Beahind the veil

Nice. I believe the visitation I had years ago in the night was the ancient dragon. It was amazing and I've never been the same since that day. All we see is a veil then for the few it is toron from top to bottom and everything is different after that day. Blessings

Re: The grail Beahind the veil

Donke schon sir. May the Dragon bless you as well

Re: The grail Beahind the veil

Thank you Sir I am very blessed to receive such a blessing. May the Dragon Bless you always.