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Greetings - Female Fairy Blood

Hello and warm wishes to the Dragons of the world !

Like many who come here, who have been drawn by a deep feeling to reconnect, I trace my ancestry to the Scottish Highlands, England, France and Germany. (I prefer not to mention surnames in a public venue.)
Golden/Red haired RH neg, and interestingly enough, a daughter to a member of the O.T.O. ( although these ideas were never forced upon Me and I was encouraged to blaze my own path. In fact I never knew my father was a member until after his death).

My Scottish/English grandmother always referred to me as “the pixie”. Growing up I always felt very different from many others yet I had a deep empathy for humanity and Mother Earth. Without going into too much here, I have had a slew of interesting experiences that led me to here. Some may call it coincidence, but too many things line up. A larger energy has been at work in my life, although I feel I have never understood until now.
From what I gather from the site, the dragon court is closed from applications, but I believe someone will find me if I am on the right path. With that said, I bring positive energy to the dragon court and may you all fulfill your purposes and continue to help humanity.

*The only magic one needs is the magic inherent in oneself*

As above, so below

Melissa ~