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To whom it may, or may not concern.

I believe I am eligible for membership and I am requesting information on how to possibly join this Order.

As a boy I experienced supernatural things that I will not disclose all in depth details. Almost other dimensional beings or spirits. My very first memory happened when I was almost 3 years of age. This vision came to me in a dream. I could never understand how I could be so young and vividly imagine such a vivid depiction. To this day, I have never had a dream so realistic. This memory took place in a desert, there were pyramids in the scenery but they were pristine as if I was present in the time that they were in operation. The sky was black as if it was night, however, there was a distinct orange haze illumination to the setting so that the surroundings were visible. The wind was blowing hard and sediments of sand were whisking all around. The wind dominated the sound in my ears. I vividly remember Dog headed creatures persistently chasing me, though I couldn’t tell why. I was seeing everything in the first person view of an adult man. I had the feeling that this man was very significant, though I know not who he was or why he was significant. I felt his fear, his adrenaline, his senses... as if I were him and he were I. The man seemed to be dressed in Egyptian like clothing, with fine armor and shiny metallic medallions and jewel complimenting the outfit. It Almost seemed as if this vision had taken place in a past life.

I also had other visions as child as well. These visions were recurring and were the exact same every time. They started when I was asleep. The first thing I noticed was my index finger and my thumb forming a circle shape and my other three fingers were parallel. Keep in mind, This happened while I was asleep. I remember feeling as if I was giant. I could smash things in those two fingers. I felt the immense pressure and power. I hated these dreams because I was so young and could not comprehend them. I remember them being somewhere dark and deep, almost like a hell. The things that took place there I would rather not disclose over this chat board. Eventually I would awake from this “dream” though I would always see dark shadow figures around me when I would awake. I would cry and run to my mother and tell her I could see them and she claimed she could not. These figures were dark and had a had a transparent look to them. They had no face though they seemed humanoid in appearance. These things definitely were definitely Evil. I remember getting so frightened and angry I would chase after them in fury. Eventually they would drift back into reality and would no longer see them. For a while I had feared going to sleep. When I was about 9 or 10 years of age these visions hit a climax. My parents had feared I was developing schizophrenia or paranoia and took me to see a Christian counselor. She said that I was having something called “day-terrors”. I remember holding hands and praying with my family and the counselor. After that day I never had another “day-terror”. As I grew older I lived a normal life and didn’t reflect much on my past experiences. I always knew that those were extraordinary but for me it was normal.

I have always felt that I had a very unique perspective on things. I’ve always focused on the most minute details of my surroundings and I have always been extremely inquisitive by nature. I always subliminally knew I was special and different from the rest, though I never knew for sure how or why.

This past summer it has seemed to come full circle. I had what seemed to be channeled information come to me. I had an almost supernatural desire to research many things such as genealogy, history, politics, economics, religion, etc. I started to decipher “conspiracy theories” and try to correlate all that exists and all that ever has into one big conglomerate of a Total depiction of reality. I took separate perspectives, theories, and ideas and tried to correlate them together based upon what is known and what is not known. I viewed the history of everything as one big puzzle and have been filling in pieces ever sense. Now here I am typing this out on your page because I believe this may or may not be the next step In my inevitable seeming enlightenment.

In terms of my Genealogy I uncovered that I’m a direct descendant from Charlemagne, Queen Elizabeth Woodville of England, Samuel Adams Sr., As well as many royal knights, Barron’s, and Earl’s. I’m blood relatives to prominent French, Italian, and English royalty.

I’m not reaching out for validation. I know my credibility. I’m simply reaching out and presenting you with knowledge and a background of who I am In hopes of learning more about this organization.

Do with this information what you will.


Eli Eaton