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Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

I've missed you guys, but I have popped by and read some threads here and there. For those of you who know me, and what has happened in the last 3-4 months. I just want to thank you for you're prayers again. It's been very hard dealing with my ex after our separation, and not having my Grandma here anymore. Even though I know she is in a good place, I still cry everyday for her. Also something really bad happened at the end of summer which I don't really want to talk about. It just seems like the enemy is really attacking me. It could also be my horrible choices I have made. I've been feeling very convicted the last two weeks and really trying to separate myself from everything that keeps me from God.

Well long story short. After my separation I applied for University and got in. I honestly couldn't stand being on the opposite side of the city so beginning of August I gave my one month notice and put all of me and my son's things in storage. We are now staying at my sisters right now til I find a place. Which isn't looking so good. I really need to get out of there because she drinks everyday!! and I'm trying so hard to stay focused and study and take care of Brayden and find a place to live... but it's hard when she's blasting music or barging in the room drunk in the middle of the night. She really needs prayers. She has been battling her addictions for over ten years now. Will you please also pray for me... that I will whole-heartedly give my life back to the Lord, find a place soon, and I also have this bruise like pain on my spine... it's very painful and I don't understand why it wont go away. Again, thank you all so much! I love you all <3

Re: Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

Ferrbear - I've been wondering where you are! Good to hear the changes you are making in your life - sometimes a fresh start clears away a lot of dust but can also be very scary. I will be praying for your situation and pray that your influence in the home will be seen by your sister and guide her in a better direction. Guard yourself from the darkness that can be present there!

Is your back something that you need to have checked out? May be nothing but sometimes it eases your mind to know that.

Re: Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

Well I went to the doctors and he gave me a form to get x-rays. I just haven't had any time to actually go get them. Hopefully after my mid-term this week I will be able to go. Praying it will just go away on it's own though lol and thank you... I appreciate all of you!

Re: Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

Praying for you, my dear Ferrbear.

Re: Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

Saying a prayer for you Ferrbear. Missed your posts.

Re: Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

Praying for you dear Ferrbear;

glad that you could make it back here.

I know sisters wanted to minister to you but could not reach you.

Honor to you in the sight of YHWH for acknowledging your faults.

Praying that you can find a home soon.

In Yeshua's name I pray, Amen


Re: Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

Oh really, well i'll add my email if anyone wants to send me a message personally.. :)thank you

Email: jessicaferr@live.com

Re: Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

Ferrbear, I posted a thread inquiring if anyone heard from you awhile ago. The Lord has really laid you on my heart. I am so sorry you are going through so much pain now. I promise to keep you in my prayers and will email you. I am so glad you posted.


Re: Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

Awww really... strange I didn't see it though... I usually stop by twice a week or more ... just haven't really posted. Thank you Shiloh<3

Email: jessicaferr@live.com

Re: Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

So glad to see you back and to know how you are doing Ferrbear. Yes, there have been call outs to you. Family is missed when away! I'll be praying over the your back issue and finding your own place. That's terrific you've gone back to school.

Email: victorychanter@raptureintheairnow.com

Website: Rapture In the Air Now

Re: Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

Dear Ferrbear,
I'm so glad you're back! I'm so sorry for all of the tough things you've been and are going through!
It is so precious that the Lord is drawing you back to Him and you are returning to His heart.
I will be adding my prayers to everyone else's prayers for you.
Hang in there! You have brothers & sisters who love & care for you here!
Lifting you up in prayer,
Patti : )

Re: Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

Thank you so much you guys.. I'm so stressed and exhausted , I was close to having a panic attack in class. Think I'm just gunna have a breakdown :'(

Re: Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

Praying for you dear sister Ferrbear.

Here's a daily devotional I received in my email today, that may be helpful.

As I have been facing a difficult challenge lately, I find myself crying out to God, "What should I do?" Which way to go seems unclear. I want to do what's right, but every choice seems to have its drawbacks.

Slipping into negative emotions and negative thinking makes things even murkier.

"Please show me Your will and Your way," I have prayed.

What God has done is to reveal to me the next step to take. He doesn't show me the complete picture of where He's leading me and how He will bring me to the other side.

The key is to believe He will show me His will, and He will carry me through this just as He has brought me through every other trial in my life.

Discovering God's will is tied in to being still. The Word says,

"Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10 ESV.

When I forget that He is God or fail to act that way, I try to plow ahead doing whatever comes to mind. That makes matters worse.

When I embrace fully what my Sunday School teacher has been repeating lately, "He is God, and I am not," I can trust Him to lead me.

When going through hard times, being still before the Lord to discover His will can seem impossible. It's especially challenging when the enemy is bombarding my mind with thoughts that bring on moments or multiple moments of doubt, fear, and unbelief.

One of the reasons it can be rough discovering God's will in difficult times is that I ask myself, "How can this thing that's happening to me possibly be God's will?" and "How can a loving God allow this?"

The faith side of me says, "God does allow bad things, but He brings good out of them—if I submit to Him and trust Him with the outcome."

I confess that too often I try to stay in control and straighten out a difficult situation or a heart-tearing relationship conflict on my own. That doesn't work.

I notice when I try to do it on my own, love does not lead the way.

One thing I've become ever more certain of is this: "Love is always God's will and God's way." If I'm unwilling to love, this shows that I have not been fully set free. I'm moving back into bondage.

When I love even though others have hurt me, God is present and working. The other person may not change in every way I desire, but God changes my heart to become more like His. That's what trials are for—to transform me into the image of Christ.

Changing me is God's will.

As I've been submitting to Him with an attitude of, "Lord, do what You need to do in me to make me more like You," the hardness in my heart is melting away. I'm embracing what Jesus said,

"Not my will, but Yours be done." Luke 22:42 ESV

There is great joy in discovering God's will. There is even greater joy when I'm willing to embrace it and live it. I'm excited to see what God has in store in the days, weeks, and months ahead. He is so good.

Here is a link to a song about finding God's will. It is called "Help Me Find It" by Sidewalk Prophets. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsjZ94K7UQs

Fair Use for informational or educational purposes

Re: Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

Thank you Ritamay for sharing that devotional... It was like it was meant for me. Sometimes I do forget that he is God, and he is in control. No matter what I know things will work out. It's just been a very long hard 3-4 months... I don't think it would have been this hard if I decided to submit to him months ago. Its been such a mental battle, thinking you're not good enough to ask God to forgive you or to come back into your life. I know that's just the devil because he is the accuser. Saturday I asked God to take everyone and everything out ofmy life that keeps me from him. I can already see him working in my life in that area. Which I'm so thankful for. But since then I can feel the enemy trying to make me fall. Sometimes it is a really exhausting battle to stay on the straight and narrow. I just pray I get this one place I applied for. Its close to my school, affordable (now that I'm a single parent) and they allow dogs! Everything is so expensive here and barely any places allow pets.

Re: Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

Oh, and I absolutely love that song. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

Your welcome dear sister. I thought of that devotional when I read your post so glad it blessed you. I'm am praying that the Lord provides that place for you or a better one just as affordable. Hoping this makes you smile.

Re: Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

Thank u so much :)

Re: Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

Hello my sweet sister Ferrbear,

We surely missed you and I am so elated that you are back with us.
You were in our thoughts and prayers and we were all concerned about you.
You are right, Rita May's devotional is so beautiful and meant just for you.
God is good and loves you so much no matter what you are going through He will never leave you nor forsake you.
God will guide your path and order your steps. Everything will fall into place for God is never late and always on time.
I pray that the strong presence of the Lord be upon you and your child. May you always be protected under the mighty wings of God and feel his warm love.

Love and Hugs,



Re: Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

Thank you all so much. Your prayers and words of encouragement mean so much too. My mom is co-signing for me for this one place, so I most likely will get it :) also, will everyone please pray I do really well on my midterm tomorrow. I've been studying as much as I possibly can. Its been years since I've been in school. Really stressed and nervous.

Re: Hey Everyone... sorry I've been away

Oh thank God, I've been praying that you get out of your sister's place. Please keep us posted, you and your son need a place of your own, I thank the Lord.

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