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What a LOAD of. . . .

What a LOAD of . . . . BENEFITS!

Did you know that Psalm 68:19 says;

Blessed be the Lord,
The God of our salvation!!

Let THAT put joy in your heart and a smile on your face today!

Blessings to all,
Patti : )

Re: What a LOAD of. . . .

Yes, He is good!

Re: What a LOAD of. . . .

Patty Day what a great subject line.

For reminding me of the benefits.

Re: What a LOAD of. . . .

Yes, Brother John! God IS Good!!

Thank you, Rita, Sis!
I thought it would be kinda funny, but I think people
might be kinda afraid of what I might have said, Lol!

(Oh! And I LOVE the pink rose! ; )

Re: What a LOAD of. . . .

My dear Patti Day,

You are so witty, I love it!
I enjoyed your post and we have so much to be thankful for and you blessed me today.

Love and Hugs,

Re: What a LOAD of. . . .

LOve the title line , so good .....hehehahaahaa!
But seriously , He does Load us with benefits , yes .
Bless Him ! He is Good !

Re: What a LOAD of. . . .

Yes, Bonnie, He Is Good!!

And My Dearest AngelWings, I'm so happy that I could bless YOU today!
Thank you for blessing me with that gorgeous pink rose!!

Re: What a LOAD of. . . .

I truly do not understand how Jesus could bear all our sins. Mine alone are enough to overload the system. All glory and honor to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Email: fwrudedog@gmail.com

Re: What a LOAD of. . . .

Thank you Patti.. It did put a smile on my face :D

Re: What a LOAD of. . . .

still getting a chuckle from this Patti Day !!!!

Re: What a LOAD of. . . .

Perhaps Today, I know what you mean. . .

I'm glad for your smile, ferrbear!

Chuckle away, Dear Bonbell, Lol!! : )

Re: What a LOAD of. . . .

Thanks Patti!!!

Loved the intro...had me wondering...then the scripture selection...and..


The Lord is our Daily provision, our Daily bread, He is our Everything!

He is the way, the truth, the life.

He is our Shepherd.


Patti, your post made my day!

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