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For All You Daniel Amos Fans: New CD ! Check Youtube: Love, Grace, and Mercy!

I know we don't have too many members that might be avid Daniel Amos fans but it looks like these guys have made it in the high likeability club!

Their New CD Dig Here-Said The Angel! It is proving to be the best CD these guys have ever made-the songs are very different and some may even be as good as any thing out there on the radio frequency or VHI!!

These guys have been around since the early Jesus Movement days of the 70's and it looks like they will be around putting out great music until the Rapture- I suggest someone who may like to get a feel for the Daniel Amos music try listening to a cut from their latest CD called Love, Grace and Mercy!!

You can hear the rough unmixed version on Youtube by just typing Youtube Daniel Amos Love, Grace, And Mercy!!

Another Beatle-like song would be The Sun Shines on Everyone!!! It has a beatle-like ending!!

Humblehorse you really need to check this Daniel Amos band out!! They have been playing excellent music for 40 years now!!! Let me know what you think!!

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