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ISON (The Destroyer)

Is the Destroyer heading our way?
Will every star be removed from it's place
Are the poles about to shift?
Will the suns set in the east?

We're flying into Isons debris trail
A third of Earth burns up with fire and hail
Like nothing we've ever seen
A winged disk is coming in...

One more time the Earth is gonna shake,
every mountain and sea will move out of place
It may sound like conspiracy,
but it's in the book so I believe!

When does Wormwood fall down from the sky
as the Revelation prophecies
opens the gates to the Abyss
a burning stars about to hit.

Re: ISON (The Destroyer)

Re: ISON (The Destroyer)

signs in the sun , moon and stars .....

Re: ISON (The Destroyer)

This is fascinating, in fact this whole study is very good. It was done by a Clarence Larkin in 1919 and he had no reason to skew the timing of the rapture or the other events as he realized the Jews must return to their homeland first.


Re: ISON (The Destroyer)

Rock on Humblehorse! Love it!

Re: ISON (The Destroyer)

Mom of 2,

The link doesn't open for me, and,
I believe that you may mean "Clarence" Larkin.


Re: ISON (The Destroyer)

Thank you for pointing that out, yes it is Clarence and the link is fixed.

Re: ISON (The Destroyer)

Humblehorse you did it again-you--you-you--rockin' roll prophet you!! You just keep rolling out the blockbuster hits off the top of the Ritan Fab -You-List Servey!!

Humblehorse people should have read my post about the hailstones caused by comet dust floating in the upper atmosphere-now I forgot the name of those ice ball meteors --well--they say that the cloud of debris from Comet Ison tail will form ice crystals clouds -a blusish cluod-which again I can't remember the name of this phenomena--I think those comet dust particles will generate ice balls from the upper atmosphere which will come crashing down on the earth come this winter of 2013!!

I saw a special on the weather channel about how ice hail is formed and it is not just by particles trapped in a thunderstorm--they also are formed by comet dust coming towards earth!! Or that do not burn up once it reaches earth--that is what the comet debris cloud will be like with Comet Ison-these particles of dust will not burn up-they will float down towards the earth- and if they are trapped in a colder altitude and go back and forth causing friction and heat to generate-it could easily be feasible that each comet dust particle could generate an impressive mass icy fireball or hailstone!!

Great Song again Humblehorse!!

Humblehorse I posted an item on the new Daniel Amos band and there are a couple of songs that harken back to the 60s era and have a Beatlesque feel to them --you might go to youtube and listen to them--they are getting big positive and glowing reviews and some are saying this is the best alternative Rock album out there yet!!

Re: ISON (The Destroyer)

Nicely done Humblehorse! I'm a little nervous about Comet ISON but like you say its written in the book and its gonna happen! Everything is really coming together and a lot seems to be set to change OCT. 1st I think this will mark a shift in life as we knew it. I am hoping for a fall Rosh Hashanah Rapture OCt.8th (roughly) Either way though I know God will protect HIS people :) EXCITING TIMES!!! Its like someone stepped on the gas from 2011 till Now don't ya think??!! See you all soon!

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