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End times perspective from a Jewish believer

Hello everyone! I would like to share with you this wonderful message from Amir Tsafati who is apparently an Israeli believer. Time is really, really short!

Re: End times perspective from a Jewish believer

This looks really good, I will watch later. I have been wondering what they think.

Re: End times perspective from a Jewish believer

You're in for a treat, Mom of 2. It gives us insight on where Israel stands today in terms of geo-political status. What caught me off guard was when he said that Russian leaders actually visited Israeli leaders sometime last year (or this year? I can't remember) to have a stake at Israeli oil and that Russia is willing to give up their support on Iran if they could strike a deal with Israel. Makes me go "hmmm"...Doesn't that remind you of the "hook" in Ezekiel 38.

Re: End times perspective from a Jewish believer

Pastor JD mentioned Amir Tsarfati in the Sept. 8 Prophecy Update. He gave some other Amir Tsarfati links (then and in a later Prophecy Update), which are at the bottom of my post.

This is Pastor JD in the Sept. 8 Prophecy Update:

Now listen to what Amir had to say concerning what I see as Syria’s bigger picture. Quote:

“Russia is sitting there and watching what’s going on. The Russian President came to Israel about a year ago and paid a visit to the Prime Minister’s office and talked for ten minutes about Syria, twenty minutes about Iran, and five hours about oil and gas.”

Because that’s what he’s all about. Listen to this:

“Russia wants to dominate energy sources in the world, and Russia is the number one exporter of natural gas in the world. And what they said behind closed doors was, ‘We will abandon Iran, our ally, for a stake in Israel’s gas.’” **stands with dropped jaw for a few moments, then laughs**

And then Amir asks, “Would you do business with the Russian Mafia and the Russian KGB?” (Rhetorically.)

He goes on to say: “An online commentator leaked that information. And we said No to the Russians. And the Russians were very, very angry. So the Russians are waiting around the corner to lead some kind of an invasion into Israel and take the gas that they did not get from us by peaceful means.”

Can you say “Ezekiel 38”? Can you say “a hook in the mouth” in Ezekiel 38? What’s the hook? Keep in mind Ezekiel 38 tells us explicitly that the purpose of this attack on Israel will be for the purpose of taking a spoil.

One commentator said, “Take the sp off of ‘spoil’ and you’ve got ‘oil.’ And that’s the hook that brings them against Israel.”


This is Amir Tsarfati's website: http://www.beholdIsrael.com

This is a longer version of Sammy's video:


This is Amir Tsarfati speaking at Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale (the pastor's introduction lasts until 7:20; I believe this presentation was a week or so (?) earlier and not as detailed as the one in San Diego):

Re: End times perspective from a Jewish believer

Thank you, Sammy!! That was very good!

Re: End times perspective from a Jewish believer

I'm glad you liked it, Mom of 2.

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