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a writer moved to a small West Texas town for three years to do research

for his book about Texas .
He was telling the account of his three years there to his best friend over coffee , in the Fall after he left West Texas, and moved back to Rochester, New York.
He began to explain :
" I wanted authenic background for this book so I moved to this small town , 237 pop. , and it was near five other small towns within 75 miles , so I frequently visited those as well.
I did not want to let the town know that I was an author so I told them I was Hollywood actor wanting to know what it feels like to be a West Texan so I could better play my next part coming up in a Western series. I knew if I told them I was researching for my book they would "shy away" from me , not wanting to trip up and tell their Texas secrets . He smiled .
*****A funny thing happened after they believed me ....they actually started treating me like a movie star , asking me questions like I was a big Hollywood star (who did I know , where did I vacation with the stars ?) . This went on for years . ~~~ Then something really strange happened : I began to feel like a real life movie star , ....he laughed ....Heeha ! I had a fan-club base in West Texas . Wow ! "
" Even funnier , when I left there I missed the "movie-star treatment". It had felt really good to know exactly what movie stars feel like , how they are treated . Of course I knew I wasn't so that kind of spoiled it for me.", he laughed .
His best friend paused , smiled, then said , " well, at least you know what it is like to be a movie star for once in your life , most of us don't ever know what that feels like , do we ? " ... big chuckle .....

Funny about life , what people perceive you to be can almost satisfy what you long to be ,... but not quite .
WHY ? ...because , You Know !
Better to be a crop-duster that is real than own a Air Lines Corporation that is not real .
Real is better because it is Real .
The Lord wants real for us . He wants it for us all .
Bless The Lord !

Re: a writer moved to a small West Texas town for three years to do research

Love that, Bonnie! Great lesson!!

Re: a writer moved to a small West Texas town for three years to do research

Hugs , Patti Day , thank you !...bless you in His Grace today , bonbell

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