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transgender homecoming queen 'has no choice'

she had no choice in the matter, and is upset by not getting 100% support. at what point do people have 'a choice'?
we know the devil is let loose. but what happened to common sense and personal responsibility when it comes to morality??

Transgender Teen Named Homecoming Queen

Campbell, who uses YouTube to post videos of her daily transformation, spoke candidly to her followers because she didn't know how else to vent, according to the video's description.

She said she was hurt by the behavior of people criticizing her who she said treated her like she was less than a person.

Sobbing uncontrollably, she said she was no different from the other girls in her school.

"It just hurts so bad because I feel just as much of a girl as all of them do," she said.

"I am just as much of a human being as they are," she said. "The fact that these other people can say the things they say, and act the way they act, and think the way they think is just inhumane."

The 16-year-old, who up until three years ago lived as Lance Campbell, said her decision to live life as a girl was a difficult decision to make.

"This is how I've always been and this is how I've always felt. It's not a choice," she said. "This is something I've wanted for so long."

Campbell was crowned homecoming queen in front of a camera crew and a crowd of students, family and football players on her high school's football field on Friday. She ran for "so many others around the nation," she told ABC Los Angeles station KABC-TV.

As the school's first transgender student nominated to the court, Campbell experienced some backlash after it was announced she would be in the top 10 contenders.

"They think that I'm just a boy doing this for fun, and I'm just a boy dressing up as a girl and trying to win a crown when that is completely the opposite of what it is," she said. "I've always seen myself as a girl."

But Campbell defended her decision to run on her Twitter account.

"My goal isn't to be famous, it's to open people's eyes to the world around them, to teach people to be open minded and to rethink social norms," she wrote.

ABC News' Liz Fields contributed to this report.

Re: transgender homecoming queen 'has no choice'

It is actually very sad this young man is this lost and feels that his happiness is in transforming himself to become a "woman", instead of trusting in the true transformation of the Lord Jesus. He is the only one who can make us at peace. I read once that statistically people who are transgender have a very high suicide rate. They are looking for their happiness in the wrong place like so many do...

Re: transgender homecoming queen 'has no choice'

I agree, Laura. But the root of the problem is that we are living in a world which has discarded the Word of God and promotes lawlessness and self-indulgence. We should know, because we were once lost ourselves.

I just don't understand why people end up liking it. When I was lost and entangled in the world I don't remember ever being "happy" for a long period of time, or even feeling truly loved for that matter. It was only after the Lord showed me that He was there for me that I knew I had always had someone to rely on at all times and in everything, even when I had been lost. That is what kept me going and made me realise that there was something far greater than the world we live in. I wasn't truly born again until a few years later, but at least then I knew where to turn to when I needed help. Prayer.

But if our surroundings consist of the wrong people, vain music and TV shows, and a bunch of other worldly influences, it's hard to prosper in what matters.

All I see in this article is the devil playing around with people as if they were toys. We should pray for those people to be saved, that's what we should do.

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