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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines 9/24/2013

Analysis: UN General Assembly could see real Mideast breakthroughs

Iran to join six-power talks at UN this week

US Secretary of State Kerry and Iranian FM Zarif to meet at UN nuclear talks

Tunisia leader urges Iran to push peace in Syria

Russia's Putin warns of Islamic militant spillover from Syria into ex-Soviet bloc

Russian offers troops to help remove Syria chemical arms

How Obama's amateur moves are costing the United States while empowering Russia

Israelis, Palestinians trade barbs but peace talks are not derailed

UNHRC again discusses situation in 'Occupied Palestinian Territories'

Palestinians appeal to High Court to stop settlers from moving into Hebron home

Abbas condemns killing of IDF soldiers in NY meeting with Jewish leaders

Lebanese army deploys in Hezbollah Beirut stronghold

Egypt court bans all Muslim Brotherhood activities

Kenya: Attack is over, all hostages have been freed

Gunmen in Kenya mall shooting targeted non-Muslims to kill, witness says

U.S. experts: N. Korea can likely build key nuke parts

Ukraine and EU ridicule Russian threats

Despicable: Dems walk out of Benghazi hearing prior to parents' testimony

'Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment' teams with 'Truckers To Shut Down America'

$3.39T Quantitative Explosion: Fed Owns More Treasuries and MBSs Than Publicly Held Debt Amassed From Washington Through Clinton

Hundreds of Texans report seeing fireball in sky

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Carlsberg Ridge

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Taron, Papua New Guinea

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Kute, Indonesia

Violent eruption and series of major pyroclastic flows at Santa Maria, Guatemala

Typhoon Pabuk just off Japan nearing extra-tropical transition and eventual re-intensification

2 more oil spills caused by flooding in Colorado

Doctors Brace for Health Law's Surge of Ailing Patients

'Family glitch' in health law could be painful

Top American in Vatican: Deny Communion for Pelosi over abortion views

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Re: Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines 9/24/2013

Whoa! Those top three headlines are a real barn burner. Alarm bells going off big time!

Re: Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines 9/24/2013

Yes, I am in agreement. Our time on this earth is very short now. I pray we are raptured soon, even today. See you in the air soon.

Email: fwrudedog@gmail.com

Re: Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines 9/24/2013

Very alarming headlines indeed. Israel is being pushed into a corner as the only one to deal with Iran. The powers that be really want a middle east war so they can blame Israel and then enter the fray and go after Israel for their natural resources.

Then if Obamacare passes, it is going to leave many without healthcare, long waits at clinics and many medically untreated. It is like imploding from within.

You have all heard this whine before from yourselves and me --- I so want to be raptured sooner rather than later.

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