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What will the world say?

I would like to hear what everyone thinks will happen when the rapture happens...what do you think will be the world's explanation?

Re: What will the world say?

I've heard all kinds of possible scenarios. From a mass "alien abduction" cover-up to... well, I can't quite remember the others. But speculation is ultimately just that: speculation. One thing I think is pretty much safe to assume, though, is that there will be economic repercussions.

Other than such repercussions, I don't know what world leaders (or even the AC since then he'd be able to step on the scene) will say. Maybe the fact that people will be so disoriented that they will start to look for someone with "all the answers" and that is what will allow the AC to become a "trusted" figure and step onto power. I heard this around and it seems like a good possibility.

The lies and deceit currently present in the world already give me enough grief. To think about which lies and deceit would come next to "explain" the vanishings is just too much. We just have to leave it to the Lord to keep being in control of everything.

Re: What will the world say?

I’m sure there will be a lot of rumors and speculations on social media like Facebook and Twitter. And as always a lot of people who believes everything they read there. A complete chaos

Re: What will the world say?

I get the feeling that whatever the talking heads come up with will be about as credible as how they explain the news to us now. Which is to say it's ridiculous, but people keep watching them anyway.

Re: What will the world say?

I think Twitter at least is a useful social media website. It's really quick to spread awareness of something happening in the world in pretty much anything. But I agree that it's always necessary to use discernment and look for confirmation from reliable sources, not just on social media websites but everywhere. So it's useful on that aspect. Of course then there are people who actually just use it to spread rumours and obscenities, but if you keep away from such accounts and look for said confirmation on anything important that you happen to read, it's fine.

Can't say the same for Facebook because I feel that is a more "personal" social media website and any one of the people you add there such as unsaved loved ones can share pretty much anything, and pictures and stuff open automatically over there, some of which being quite indecent.

Re: What will the world say?

Sorry, I was to hasty here. I did not mean that Twitter was not reliable. Just did not think

Re: What will the world say?

My dear Annelis, you don't need to apologise, you weren't hasty at all nor did I perceive you as having meant that. I just felt the need to add what I wrote after what you had said. I agreed with what you had written regarding believing what we see there. Social media websites have their good points and bad points. I was just pointing out what those were about Twitter.

Sending you a hug!

Re: What will the world say?

I'm hoping that lots of people, especially in my family, will say "Oh No, Thom was right about all that crazy stuff. Now what did he say?" and then they come to Yeshua for salvation.

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Re: What will the world say?

People's reactions can go both ways. Some will become more defensive seeing their worldviews and long-held beliefs crumble before their very eyes. Pride can really harden people's hearts beyond redemption.

Others will finally let their guards down and humble themselves before God. They are presented with an overwhelming evidence in favor of God and if they are wise, they'd take that leap of faith and "shine like the brightness of the heavens." (Daniel 12:3)

The final call to salvation is right before the 7 bowls are poured, with the angel desperately imploring men to "fear God and give Him glory, because the hour of His judgment has come. Worship Him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea and the springs of water.” (Revelation 14:7)

Praying that our family and friends who are straddling the fence would at least make it to the 7th trumpet.

Re: What will the world say?

i too hope my not yet saved family and friends read through my 'stuff' very thoroughly.
and as they go through my bible wonder why i underlined certain parts etc. all the while drawing nearer to the truth, at last.

'Perhaps they'll listen now...' ??

makes me sad though. but i really do tell them every day, and i cant force them either.
but i hoping all the ones who teased me for my crazy jesus stuff will finally understand. God really doesnt want them to perish in hell, even if they are so stubborn now. i keep praying for a miracle. or ten.

Re: What will the world say?

I think the "strong delusion" is a mixture of scientific explanation and the promise of a new world order. For too long, people have always wanted equal wealth distribution, which is simply a camouflage for socialism. The world leaders will convince people that the disappearance of the Christians heralds a new beginning of wealth, prosperity, and self-sufficiency.

It wouldn't take that much for people to get on board with this idea because by this time, people will have gone through the sheer horrors of the seals that any promise of a utopian society would be a welcome change. Ever heard of the zeitgeist movement? It is a movement that purports to solve world problems by eliminating scarcity through technological advancements. It aims to develop cutting-edge technologies that can produce and manufacture goods so that people won't have to work anymore but will have more time to engage in other disciplines such as the arts. Sounds appealing, but we know God hates self-sufficiency more than anything else because without God, we're really nothing.

Here's a video about the zeitgeist movement:


Re: What will the world say?

The world is, to some extent, already saying it... and as mentioned already, it fits in with the strong delusion. You can see it in the movies, and the "new" theories about how we were created. I also believe this "alien" delusion/deception will fit into the mark of the beast, and the lie of 'you can become like god' being an alleged "dna upgrade" when in fact it will be like the days before the flood, with the corruption of the human genome - a mutant, a beast, an X-man.

Here is what the "new agers" are saying.... the seeds of deception are already planted.

"There is to come a separation of those that accept the gift that the visitors are bringing, and are willing to move into the new world enlightenment and those that do not choose to accept the plan. Those that do not accept the plan are to be moved to another planet until they progress to a point where they will accept it." - - representative of the Aetherius Organization

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Re: What will the world say?

Zophim... that is some creepy stuff O.O I can definitely see how that might be a possibility for it to be the great deception.

Re: What will the world say?

Well, I know people will jokingly say, "Rapture!" I mean, people will laugh at it for sure while others (eventual Trib Saints) will take it seriously.

However, if the AC is truly the Mahdi for the Muslims, I believe their belief is that he comes with Jesus as his prophet - which would be for us, the False Prophet of Scripture.

If the Mahdi comes on scene with "Jesus", then it would seem another story (other than Rapture) would have to be made up - aliens could explain it, OR, the FP could say in wrath, he judged the fake, intolerant, fundy Christians, leaving the true church behind. Those who don't know the Word from their junk mail will eat it up. In fact, they might finagle some "new scripture" so that no one actually READS the Bible. I think the Word will be outlawed and burned, personally. I truly believe Bibles will become rare and Trib Saints might have to rip pages out of them in order to smuggle them easier. Maybe even trade pages amongst the underground churches.

The Bible speaks of a famine for hearing the Word of the Lord. I do believe that's now, however, moreso during the Trib.


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