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Facebook has hidden my testimony!

Facebook has made it harder to actually see one's bio. My bio was a testimony, and I felt, spirit led to reach the lost, and I was hoping it would reach the lost during the tribulation. Now with the change, I worry no one will see it. I feel like deleting my Facebook entirely in protest. Do you think this is the right move?

Re: Facebook has hidden my testimony!

It's usually better to respond than react. If FB is a place for you to be built up and edified, or a place where you can build others up then I would say stay. If it's a waste of your time and interferes with your walk with God, leave. I hope and suspect that your testimony is all through your facebook responses and posts and not contained only in your bio.

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Re: Facebook has hidden my testimony!

Actually, you can't delete your account on FB. It remains there just hidden, as it is considered the property of FB. Additionally, everything that you have posted, whether it is text or photos has become the intellectual property of FB. One of the evils of FB that they hide in all their legal mumbo-jumbo. They also reserve the right to delete, edit, remove any and everything on your page if they so wish. They also reserve the right to sell or make your information available to third parties without your notice and/or consent.

Not sure the you were aware of that aspect of FB. Most if not all the other social networking sites are like that.

This why people have discovered that stuff that they have posted in the distant past surfacing to bite them in the tush during interviews or work related reviews. It has cost many an applicant a job or another a promotion.

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