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Virtual FSOM Results - May 2021

Thanks for taking part in our Virtual FSOM 5k. A good day for running - and there were some PBs and annual best times - which is good to see.
Special mention of Stephen Cowood on completing his first 5k in 8 months after breaking his leg. Hope the recovery continues Stephen.

We are feeling more confident that this will be one of the last of these (maybe one more in June). As we all know it depends on the C-19 statistics and the Government releasing the restrictions.

Discussions have been held with NHDC and we are cleared to use Norton Common, also we have the necessary Trail Run Permit. We hope that First Saturday will return to Norton Common in July. NHRR are going to have a test event for NHRR members only to try out some new systems and procedures so that we are ready.

Keep enjoying your running.

Hope to see your times next month.

Hope to see you in person on Saturday 3rd July.

Position Name Time
1 John Auld 18:30
2 James Dalton 19:41
3 Nick Malpeli 19:50
4 Michael Over 20:17
5 Shaun Allin 20:25
6 Dave Braybrook 20:38
7 Paula Holm 20:43
8 Rob Dinsdale 21:32
9 Tracy Pitcairn 21:44
10 James Keogh 21:48
11 Elwyn Howell 23:35
12 Richard Weber 24:18
13 Tash Pitman 25:37
14 Karen Dodsworth 25:55
15 Viv Lucas 26:15
16 Sherryl Chatfield 26:16
17 Lucy O'Connor 26:21
18 Julie Tribe 27:23
19 Mike Bullock 27:39
20 Susan Mansfield 29:26
21 Helen Giffin 31:10
22 Brian Bailey 31:19
23 Lindsay Cook 31:46
24 John Davenport 31:47
25 Geoff Pettengell 36:04
26 Stephen Cowood 39:38
27 Monica Cullin 49:05