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Re: Toolbar

Ive tried to install the Lynx Toolbar on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge and Opera. Because I have Windows 10 It will not install on ANY of my computers. Very sad. You lose potentail customers/listeners because of this. WHEN will you make the Lynx radio network toolbar available for Windows 10? Is ANYONE working on it?

Thanks for your post Trekman. Our apologies for the problems you have encountered with the toolbar. Unfortunately the company we partnered with have just closed their operations. We will be removing all links to the downloads from our website and support for the toolbar has cease.

Again, we are sorry for the issues you have been happening but this is out of our control. We do have The Lynx Internet Radio App available for download from the Android Play Store and working on our apple app we hope to have available for download soon.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us directly at

Rick Mitchell
Program Director
The Lynx Internet Radio Network