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Ralfi Pagan Misc.
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Re: My memories of Ralfi...

I didnt know that Ralfi was filling in for Joe Batann when he was killed in columbia. The way it is written on the website details of his murder it seems that Ralfi was not the target perhaps the wrong place at the wrong time filling in do you think or have any thoughts on this. Also, Joe Batann disappeared for what 20 years and was believed to be dead. No one heard or saw of him then comes back serving the lord. Ralfi was murdered but why?

Thank you

Re: My memories of Ralfi...

Ralphi Pagan was one of my all time favorites, and it is hard to pick out a favorite. I had never heard the story about his death. I am also LOVE Joe Bataan, and just noticed there is a website for him!

**I would like to hear from anyone else interested in both of these artist music.

Re: My memories of Ralfi...

Yes Ralfi's death is a very sad situation. Unfortunately we will never really know what happened the night he was murdered. It's been so long ago and those who know or were involve are not likely to start talking now, but maybe for the right price. I've been hearing that a movie about Ralfi's story is being talked about. Whether this is true, I really do not know. If it is true i'm sure the Cacaroaches will start coming out trying to get their's. This, I guess would not be all bad for maybe the real story will finally be told. Thank you for your appreciation of Ralfi's music. We lost such a great Singer with so much soul, good Lord there will never be another. Rest in Heaven Ralfi and know you are loved still here on Earth. Always.