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Travis kept it real!!!!!!!!!!!

What I liked about this book is how Travis acted like a real brotha who was very much in love but had some pride about himself and wasn't going to let Stephanie's trick behavior walk all over him. This author clearly knows how real men "with game" act when women abuse their trust. I have read alot of books were characters in Travis' situation followed they women around like doormats. Way to go Carl Weber this book was mad real.

Re: Travis kept it real!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty blunt way of putting it T-didog but I have to say that I agree with you. I can't stand it when authors mistake "sensitivity and caring" for being a complete doormat. Travis really seemed to try his best to make it work with Stephanie but their messed up situation was entirely her doing. He definitely did the right thing.

Let's Keep the Testosterone Down Guys!

You guys are always claiming that you will "handle your business" when your woman doesn't act the way you want her to. When the moment of truth comes and your in love you can't make those snap decisions that your both applauding Travis for making. Guys at heart are just as soft as us gals and you will generally try to make it work even if your girl pulls a stephanie act.