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Re: Stopped working?

First of all, thank you for the quick reply!

Ok, the first instruction works, most of the time, not all the time. I tried the second method, thanks for the step by step instruction, but unfortunately it doesn't work for me.

I wish Google would get their act together here. But at least now, I can get it to work again.

Thank you!

Re: Stopped working?

Yes, unfortunately we have had varying degrees of success with both methods. Some work better than others.

We have also been informed that connecting to your Google home via Bluetooth to your phone and running the Lynx App works as well, however it's obviously not an ideal solution either.

Thanks again for reaching out and updating us on your progress, and we agree, we hope this issue, which is having an affect on many other stations, is resolved soon.

We will post here when we receive word of a resolution from @Google or @TuneIn.

Re: Stopped working?

We received the following response from TuneIn:


We are writing to let you know that we are aware of a few bugs that are impacting the TuneIn service on certain Google Assistant-enabled devices, involving station identification.

As of today, about half of the issues have been resolved.

In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to work closely with Google to address other issues as well to provide a great experience for listeners. We will keep you apprised of our progress.

As of this morning we have tested our devices and they were operational.

Please let us know if you are still running into problems with specific or all the Lynx stations, and we will submit the problem to TuneIn for investigation.